Approval from the town, city or village.

Step 1: Planning Board


The process to receive approval from the municipal planning board is as follows:

Pick up an Application
  • Go to the clerk's office, get an application for approval for your project, and fill it out.
Get on the Docket
  • Get your name on the docket for the next Planning Board meeting.
Attend the Planning Board Meeting
  • You will have to present the drawings and specifications for the work you want to do to the board.
  • The Planning Board will review the site plans and specifications to make sure they meet the requirements of the governing municipality.
  • The process typically takes 2-3 meetings.
  • Once the Planning Board goes through and understands all the elements of the project, they will vote; you need a majority of the board members to vote yes in order to pass.
Typical Planning Board Issues
  • You may need to add more landscaping.
  • They may require curbing.
  • They may limit the amount of signage that you can have on the property.
  • Many municipalities have lighting specifications, which often include the requirement of downward direct lights so that they do not shine off the property.

Step 2: Zoning Board


You also need approval from the Zoning Board, which will review the plans that the Planning Board approved to see if there are any zoning issues. The process is as follows:

The Zoning Board Reviews Your Plans
If there are Zoning Issues
  • You need to apply for a variance.
  • The Zoning Board will go through and say yes or no to all of the zoning changes.
If there is a Need for a Zoning Change(s)
  • A public hearing is held where the public can whether they are for or against the zoning change(s).
Typical Zoning Board Issues
  • There may be parts of your plan that are too close to another building or property.

Step 3: The Building Inspector


This stage only can happen with Planning Board and Zoning Board approval.

Apply for a Building Permit
  • You will need a complete set of plans for the Building Inspector.
  • These plans must include a fire system drawing and a canopy design and layout that have been stamped by a New York State engineer.
  • You must also have plans that show tank locations and any landscaping that might be required by the Planning Board.
  • The Building Inspector will review everything and issue a permit if the plans are acceptable.